Sensitive Issues of Discrimination and How to Counter It

Nowadays, environment may be less comfortable because of some social issues. Many sensitive issues exist in society and this make people cannot live comfortably. Issues about discrimination on religion becomes one of the point. Talking about the discrimination on religion, actually it already exists for long time, but it gets worse when there are many action of terrorists who claim as the movement of one of the religion in the world. Because of this, society gets less comfortable. People may live unsafe and they feel threatened. Even, there are such kinds of phobia of some of the religions. Of course, this is bad things since this will make people always have presumption and prejudice toward others who have different religions or belief with them. This will make people easy doubt. It may not happen for all people, but some of the society is more than enough to make this uncomfortable condition get worse.

Of course, this condition must be solved since this can be worse and there can be mistrust among people. The worst case that may happen is that people start to doubt others and they will choose to be with friends and other people with the same belief. This is the worst scenario and this will only make the society divided into some smaller groups and this is so uncomfortable. That is why this kind of things cannot happen for long time and this must be stopped. One of the easiest way is to make friends with others. It means that people can try to trust others. It does not mean that they suddenly make friends. It can be started with the community in college or other places. It is as simple as saying “hi” or greet others no matter what they belief or what is their religion. This will make the condition a lot better since others may also see this and this can be a small step to eradicate discrimination. This is not difficult to do, but it needs a courage to do.

Of course, using social medias is also other things to do. Many radical movements and other fanaticism are spread through social medias. In this case, it does not mean that people need to counter them with another ideology or other else. Things to do are as easy as stop sharing and spreading them. It is better to avoid those sensitive topics while talking with other friends. It is fine to have discussion as long as the people are open to discussion. When they are not, then it is better to avoid it and talk about other things.

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