Issues of Sexual Orientation in Society

Human needs other human. This is a fact and it cannot be ignored and avoided. They will need others since they cannot live alone. In some cases, things may be done alone, but it does not mean that they do not need others. However, living with others may be a bit problematic since there are many kinds of problems and issues and social life. In society, there are too many sensitive issues to talk and this can make things less comfortable. One of them is about problem of gender and sexual orientation. Everyone knows that actually the orientation is about personal value and it is not to be discussed with others in public context. However, there are some group of people who feel uncomfortable with the issues of sexual orientation. They think that orientation is only about men and women. Sexual orientation is about male and female, so it is not for female with female, or male with other male. This kind of things have become a great issue. Then, these group of people call the topic as LGBT.

It is true that there are phenomena about sexual orientation. There are people who are lesbian, gay, bi-sex, and transgender. Of course, this kind of things may be hard to accept by some people. That is why there are many kinds of refusal done by some group of society. Some people think that these phenomena is abnormal and it should exist. They think that sexual orientation is only about male and female, so there is no other alternative. Of course, this becomes discussion, even it becomes such kind of confrontation and controversy. Some people can accept it since the facts exist. However, other people cannot accept it, even they call those LGBT as sinners who are away from the way of God. Some also call them as immoral and against the moral values. Even, some call them as inhuman.

LGBT has become serious issues nowadays. Many people are no longer hesitated to show their voices. Confrontation becomes the results of this controversy. There are many mass movements to support and fight against these orientations. However, the interesting fact is that there are some countries who have legalized marriage of the LGBT. They even provide protection, while there are also other countries who choose to be abstain. Of course, there are also countries who clearly refuse these LGBT. Of course, this kind of things should be considered seriously. In fact, sexual orientation of LGBT exist in society and this needs good consideration, since they are still human who want to get proper life.

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