In What Way is a Human Rights Organization Different?

Despite its noble cause and humanitarian work, a human rights organization is not impervious to constraints. As a matter of fact, it is these constraints that set such an organization apart from others. It is already at odds with political organizations in terms of interest. While human rights organizations put their utmost focus on how to keep everyone on equal ground when it comes to political processes, pure political organizations emphasize more on how to protect their own interest and the rights of their constituents. In fact, it is due to many political organizations’ particular interests that conflicts occur, which lead to violations against human rights. A human rights organization is basically an NGO; but it is its focus that sets it apart from other NGOs. The constraints that define a human rights organization restrict the area of work the organization operates. Such an organization is non-governmental in its structure. It is thus is not ruled by the government and everything related to its work is self-regulating. A private initiative is oftentimes a precursor to the formation of a human rights organization. Funding is not obtained through any governmental means as said private initiative will seek ways to sustain everything that the organization requires to operate. As it is free from the influences of the government, it can function exactly it is meant to without any sorts of interference.

The organization dedicated to dealing with human rights could have emerged from governmental initiative. However, a government-sanctioned human rights organization may or may not be effective in doing its job. Funding would be the biggest concern. As it is formed by the government, the organization’s functions will greatly depend on the availability of funding, which at times might be directed toward other issues that the government deems as more pressing matters.

In What Way is a Human Rights Organization DifferentA human rights organization not backed by the government can sustain itself from funding obtained from its own constituents. This way, everything can be put to good use maximally without other concerns getting in the way. The organization in question would also be able to work side by side with the government to handle conflicts from which violations against human rights more effectively. Focus on a single issue regarding human rights is utterly required as undivided attention will likely solve the problem rather quickly. Organizations that see their focus split among too many issues (or even partaking in issues not related to human rights) will get a hard time to finish their job.

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