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When it comes to work and careers for people with the trait of high sensitivity we recommend, whenever possible, to select a job that doesn't run counter to their trait of high sensitivity. And, if it is your partner who is highly sensitive, support them in finding an appropriate job or career that is suitable for their trait and temperament. One suggestion regarding work for highly sensitive people is to find a job where there isn't someone looking over their shoulder all the time, because HSP seem to work much better when they are given a project and then are left pretty much alone to accomplish it.

Because of their trait, highly sensitive person's nature is to be very conscientious and productive. They are by their nature very "project" oriented. However, when highly sensitive people are being closely observed or supervised they can become very uncomfortable and do not perform as well as they would if left more on their own. Some HSP may even begin to sweat, shake and become far less productive and efficient than when they're not being scrutinized.

Jim HallowesIf you are an employer and think one or more of your employees may have the trait of high sensitivity, we hope you'll learn to work with them in a way that will be most beneficial to everyone. As we've mentioned, highly sensitive people are usually very intelligent and are known for being extremely hard workers and make very loyal employees, particularly when their trait and temperament is understood and appreciated.

We realize this concept of people with a trait of highly sensitivity may meet with some skepticism and resistance. In fact, some employers may even want to dismiss it because it doesn't fit comfortably into their conventional thinking. This is unfortunate, but that seems to be the way it is right now and until the trait of high sensitivity is better known, accepted, understood and embraced by employers for all of its benefits, it may stay this way for awhile.

For actors and others in the creative fields, there are unique challenges and opportunities that face the highly sensitive person, and some of these are touched upon in the new Jim Hallowes interview about the trait of high sensitivity conducted by Douglas Eby of Talent Development Resources. Mr. Eby is famous for his many interviews with the likes of Patch Adams, M.D., Jodie Foster, William Hurt, Judith Orloff, M.D., Reese Witherspoon, James Woods, and others. You can listen to the recent 20-minute interview by clicking here: Douglas Eby interview with Jim Hallowes on the trait of high sensitivity.

Here are some suggestions that might help reduce stress on the job.

When you start to feel uncomfortable, stressed, or overwhelmed and feel you are losing control, as soon as possible move yourself into a different environment, even a short walk to the restroom can be very helpful.

When stressed or you start to feel overwhelmed, we suggest you do something...anything, because any physical activity, even just stretching your back or rolling you shoulders and taking a series of deep breaths, can give you a feeling of being more in control and help you work off negative energy.

Take care of yourself. Learn to say "No" when you don't have time to do something.

We have known highly sensitive people who have found that creating their own more comfortable "deadline" on a project can give them the psychological space and comfort zone they need to help reduce the pressure and stress and keep their bodies functioning effectively and efficiently.

Reduce large projects into "bite size" pieces. These new smaller units can be more comfortably handled one "bite" at a time.

If you have any strategies or tips that have successfully worked for you on the job, and would like to share them with other HSP, we'd sure appreciate it if you'd drop us an e-mail. Thanks!

You Ever Been Called an Unrealistic "Dreamer"?

As you may know, I'm very big on quoting other people's wisdom, and one of my favorites is something my friend and entrepreneur Mike Dillard said: "The greatest achievement each of us can strive for in life is to have the ability to create the world around you, so that it matches the dreams in your mind."

I'm with him 100%. It sometimes feels almost astonishing what's possible when you approach life with a positive mindset. Recently I read Walter Isaacson's biography on Steve Jobs and he referred to Job's often-quoted belief in the power to re-shape reality, referred to in the Apple corporate culture as Steve's "reality distortion field."

I believe that certain people, especially highly sensitive people like Jobs, have this ability to perceive greater subtleties in the world about them, and also within themselves. And with practice can learn to apply it with great precision in fulfilling their goals in life.

Now I know a few years back people got all caught up with the idea of creating the life of your dreams using the so-called Law of Attraction. A lot of people tried it and decided it's a lot of bunk.

But here's the thing... Even though "The Secret" is something of a myth, and thoughts in themselves do not create your reality, there is a subtlety here that is being overlooked. You see, there are five  critical things you need to know about how you can create your ideal reality.
Vishen video linkFirst, realize that while thoughts do not create reality, your beliefs actually do work to create it. Beliefs are subconscious for the most part, but you can consciously influence and change them with practice. To do so, you must know what kind of reality you really want to create, and you also have to be aware of the beliefs of the people around you, and how they influence your own beliefs in subtle ways.
Mindvalley Academy founder Vishen Lakhiani also believes in the power of the mind in re-shaping your life, and he is presenting a special online seminar on what he terms "Bending Reality," how to influence the world with your consciousness.

This is what Vishen has been focusing on for the past six years. He has some great advice on how to work with all of these elements to live life like a master manifester. The kind of life where it almost seems like the Universe has your back, where you have almost constant good luck and everything always seems to go your way. 
Vishen will explain how to do exactly this in his special online lecture, and you can click here to secure your spot
He says the key to creating your ideal life is understanding that your perception of the world is completely malleable. When you know how to "hack reality" to your will, you can easily begin to attract all the experiences you've only fantasized about.

Note that this will be a somewhat advanced class, one that will deconstruct the Law of Attraction and will undoubtedly have a profound impact on how you see the world at a very deep level from now on. He'll be teaching out of his own personal journey of growth and evolution, so prepare yourself for some deep insights in your models of reality. He'll also give you a 5-minute creative visualization technique to permanently fix problems in your life that can produce posistive results within a few hours to a few days.

If you feel ready to step into the next act in your life, I encourage you to sign up right away while there are still spots open. If you want to see what Vishen is planning on teaching,  check out the video above.

Highly Sensitive Can Mean Highly Successful

Do you ever think that most "successful" people in the highly competitive world we live in today seem to be really insensitive most of the time? And that being an HSP can be a handicap in achieving financial progress or a rewarding career?

Ever Dream of Having Power Far Beyond That of Mortal Man?

Cross out the X-Men... Dismiss the Avengers as a gang of nattering nabobs... And give Spider-Man a sneer of disdain. In those movies the superheroes get their amazing powers in unique, miraculous or pseudo-scientific ways that are total fantasy.
BUT...   what if you could gain the equivalent of a super-power merely by applying a simple secret available to any man or woman, here and how in today's reality? What could it mean in your life? What if you could acquire the real super-power -- the mindset -- of a millionaire?
I want you to watch this mind-blowing video, by an ordinary, average man named Winter Vee. Like you and me, his life was troubled by his inability to achieve his basic goals of success and abundance... until he literally stumbled across something that forever changed his life. And once he discovered the secret mental codes that are common to all successful, financially independent citizens, he became in effect a super-hero in his own right.
If you want to know what it was that he discovered, watch this video and decide for yourself if you are ready to receive this great power, with great responsibility....

Pardon my bluntness here, but that idea is really a crock. There are thousands of intelligent and gifted HSPs who have left their mark in the world. And I'm not talking here about only geniuses like Einstein, famous artists like Picasso or creative super-businessmen like Steve Jobs and Richard Branson.

HSPs are generally people who think outside the box, start their own businesses like restaurants or catering or specialty stores, design clothing, write great novels and even direct the greatest films. The notion that being highly sensitive somehow gets in the way of being a success is one of those ideas that, when you look closely at it, becomes totally bogus.

Your trait of high sensitivity, my friend, is actually your greatest asset in achieving the life of your dreams!

Oh, don't misunderstand me here. HSPs face one disadvantage that most other people blithely slide past, and that's the fact that we think about things. We get great ideas, but also hold ourselves in check while we think about the downsides, try to anticipate all the potential obstacles, make sure we have our whole kit together before opening the door and stepping out into the world with our great notions.

It does us...and the world...a great disservice. The reason we were born into the world is to make a positive contribution to the world. The reason you were born is to achieve great things, for yourself and for others.

How Are You Going To Get What You Want in Life?

One of the biggest takeaways I got from working years with Dr. Pat Allen was the core of her self-development program WANT Training. It can be summed up in a single sentence:

"Ask for what you want, and say 'No' to what you don't want."

But like most simple truths, there is a lot of layered nuance hiding in her words. For one thing, there's the importance of having cooperation from other people to get what you want. I think the late Zig Ziglar summed it up best when he said, "You can have everything you want in life, if you will just help other people get what they want."

Without the cooperation of another person, you'll most likely never get that ideal job,

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