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Highly Sensitive People — An Introduction to the Trait of High Sensitivity

Highly Sensitive People An Introduction DVD DVD.
A 65-minute presentation by Jim Hallowes, videotaped on one of the popular "The Art of Relationships" cruises, includes an overview of the trait, some of the common characteristics of HSPs, and a discussion of some famous people who exhibit some of those characteristics. Jim also offers tips and strategies along with an HSP self-test to find out if you're highly sensitive. Jim's special guest on this presentation is phychotherapist, best-selling author (and HSP herself) Dr. Pat Allen.


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Lisa Garr Interviews Jim Hallowes

TheAwareShow CD Audio CD. "The Aware Show" with Jim Hallowes as the in-studio guest. Jim appears on Los Angeles' radio popular long-running The Aware Show with Lisa Garr, on KPFK 90.7 FM, talking about the trait of high sensitivity and Highly Sensitive People. According to Lisa, The Aware Show is "dedicated to communicating information to inspire positive growth and change. Our goal is an increased awareness and healing on an individual and planetary level." 30 minutes.


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The Bradley Quick Experience

Bradley Quick Experience CD Audio CD.
Informative 33-minute audio CD. On this live recording, Jim Hallowes is the in-studio guest on long-running "The Bradley Quick Experience" on KRLA Radio in Los Angeles. Jim discusses the basics of the trait of high sensitivity and Highly Sensitive People, as well as answering questions from callers, including author, lecturer and therapist Dr. Pat Allen, Ph.D. Note: Most of the commercials have been removed for easier listening.


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James Keenley Interviews Jim Hallowes

James Keenley CD Audio CD. "The James Keenley Show" with Jim Hallowes as the in-studio guest, being interviewed about the trait of high sensitivity and Highly Sensitive People. Discussion includes job/careers for HSP and some people who exhibit the trait of high sensitivity, as well as some suggestions from James Keenley. Most of the commercials have been removed for easier listening. Running time approx. 33 minutes.


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Bradley Quick Experience and James Keenley Show Package

Quick-Keenley 2-CD Set 2-CD Set.
Set includes 2 audio CDs, each running about 33 minutes in length with most of the commercials removed for easier listening. Discounted Price for both CDs is only $16.95. Save when you purchase these two CDs together and save on shipping, too.

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Chopped Liver for the Loving Spirit

Chopped Liver for the Loving Spirit Cover Paperback.
"Chopped Liver for the Loving Spirit" by Jim Hallowes...and Friends, including the chapter "Loving Highly Sensitive People" about the trait of high sensitivity. A collection of stories by Jim Hallowes...and Friends, including chapters by actor Dick Van Patten, Comedian Fred Travalena, and Heisman Trophy winner Les Horvath, among others. Paperback, 272 pages.
Published by Best-Seller Books. ISBN 1-881474-47-X

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HSP Cognitive Behavioral Coaching

Coaching Session Graphic One-Hour Coaching Session.
I offer one-to-one coaching, especially for people with the trait of high sensitivity, and because I have worked with Dr. Pat Allen for so many years, I can also offer coaching when it comes to relationships. HSPs have found that coaching sessions can build confidence and self-acceptance, unveiling their life purpose and personal development including: communication skills, goal setting, and work/life balance. In an hour session we can cover a lot of ground, including areas such as:

• Where you really want to be in your life, your vision
• What is really important to you
• What your natural skills, talents and strengths are
• What's blocking you in achieving what you want

You set the agenda. I recommend that people make notes to refer to during the session so we can cover as much as possible.

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Four-Hour Coaching Session

Coaching Session Graphic Four-Hour Coaching Sessions.
Four Hours Coaching. Time can be used in one session, or one-hour and half-hour follow up sessions, as needed.

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Gift Certificate for Coaching Session

Gift Certificate for Coaching Session One-Hour Coaching Session.
Deluxe Gift Certificate entitles the receiver to one-hour of Coaching for the Highly Sensitive Person. Comes with complete instructions on how to get in touch with Jim Hallowes. A great gift to show someone special in your life that you understand their trait of high sensitivity.

Gift Certificate Instructions

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HSP Meetup and Donations

Donate to the HSP Help Fund Donate to the HSP Help Fund.
Please consider making a donation to the HSP Help Fund to aid in getting the word out to those who could benefit from information about the trait of High Sensitivity. Please consider making donations in multiples of $5. Thanks!

 Item #HELPFUND    $20

$10 Donation to Support and Help Continue "HSP Meetups"

Donate to the HSP Help Fund Donate to the HSP Help Fund.
What is an HSP "Meetup?" It's a group we have discussing the trait of high sensitivity and Highly Sensitive People. When? We usually meet 8-9:30 pm on the third Wednesday of each month. Where? At SHARE which is a Self-Help and Recovery Center at 6666 Green Valley Circle in Culver City, Calif., from 8 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. We have a nice room there that they call the "Tranquility Room." SHARE's telephone number is 310-305-8878, or feel free to call me, Jim Hallowes the group's organizer, for more information. or call 310-390-4767. Or check out our signup page at

Please consider making multiple unit donations, if you can afford it, because we are required to pay for the room and that way we can insure keeping the Meetups going. Thank you!

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Dr. Pat Allen says, "When a man had a stable home life, he could go for it outside the home and conserve his libido for making money," and that Napoleon Hill explained a man has limited energies which he can take either to the bed or to the bank. The publisher of this classic book she often refers to is generously allowing to offer you a FREE PAPERBACK EDITION sent direct from the publisher.

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Dr. Pat Allen's Groundbreaking Best-Seller "Getting To 'I Do'"

The Book Most Women Have To Buy Twice

Getting To I Do Book Dr. Pat Allen's groundbreaking book is now in an astonishing 34th printing after 19 years on the stands! Pat's jam-packed seminars in Los Angeles offer women advice that has resulted in thousands of marriages, and now you too can take advantage of this proven step-by-step program to put your love-life on the right track to a satisfying longterm relationship.

Women may blame men for impermanent romances, but the problem often lies with themselves, and Pat goes right to the core. She prides herself on being politically incorrect, but scientifically accurate, and zeroes in on the research-proven correct ways to encourage a lasting commitment from a man, the way Nature engineered the mating game. The book is filled with case histories from Pat's decades of working with women and men, and has literally helped thousands make it to the altar.

Pat actually thinks the paperback is a good idea, because she knows from experience many women will want to throw her book across the room when they first read it because her advice runs so counter to what women's libber types have taught for decades. You see, she reassures you the paperback won't damage your wall. And also it actually will still be in readable condition a few years later when you realize everything she writes is scientifically accurate....and works....and you need to read it again because your relationships just haven't.

The best-seller paperback edition can be purchased from your local bookstore, or from this direct link to Amazon Books. You can also order it here for your convenience.

    "Just what cupid ordered!" —Beverly Hills Today         "Move over, Dr. Ruth!" —Los Angeles Magazine

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Dr. Pat Allen & Don Schmincke Reveal the Science Behind What Men Really Think About Sex and Dating!

WARNING: This book will invade your comfort-zone. It was rejected by three top literary agents and dozens of publishers for being too controversial, edgy, or conflicting with current socially accepted norms. The male author originally had to adopt a pseudonym for self-protection from threats from enraged females. But the material is based on over 300 of the latest scientific research studies on how our species mates.

• Why Denial Dooms Dating
• Why He Misinterprets Your Sexual Advances
• How To Be the Unfamiliar Female
• Where's a Guy's Real Sex Organ?
• Captivate Him with Darwin's 5-Step
• How To Avoid Being Seduced!
• A Scientific Definition of "Love"

If you're a woman, you may have to resist throwing this book across the room in exasperation; yet every man who's read it has said, "Right on!" Most have declared it the most factual book on male-female relationships ever written. It will give you an insight into the male mindset that no other book ever has. And it espouses basic principles that, when applied by both men and women will produce successful and lasting relationships.

This book is built around Dr. Pat Allen's Rules of Mating. The most important: "Those who didn't seek sex as the foundation of relationships are now extinct." If you want to learn The Truth About Men, be warned it'll probably tick you off at first...but it will definitely set you free to help create a satisfying and lasting sexual relationship. (You may want to plan to read this book with a guy nearby just so you can keep asking him, "Is that how you think?")

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"The Secret" Revealed the Power of the Law of Attraction!
"What the BLEEP?" Showed the Quantum Physics of Our Perception!
Now Dr. Pat Allen Has "THE ANSWERS" to Successful Relationships!

The Answers DVD "THE ANSWERS from Dr. Pat Allen" DVD is the first-ever collection of her insights and philosophies on the Dynamics of Human Interaction, which she has learned from over 30 years of practicing couples counseling, her weekly jam-packed question-and-answer seminars, all-day workshops, and hundreds of appearances on TV and radio. In this highly charged overview Dr. Pat Allen gives you:

• The tools to reverse negative feelings immediately
• Insight into the 5 "Curses" of life, and their antidotes.
• The quintessential primer on how to Duty Date® successfully.
• The Power of Dr. Pat Allen's coveted negotiation tools
• Dr. Pat Allen's foolproof formula on how to know if you really love someone

The "secret" of life is really learning how to communicate effectively and with integrity. Dr. Pat Allen can help you prepare yourself for better love and a better life!

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The Answers Book From Dr. Pat Allen

The Answers Book From Dr. Pat Allen A brand-new companion book written to accompany the popular DVD "The Answers From Dr. Pat Allen," this book goes into greater detail about some of the principles Pat explains in the workshop, in simple and easy-to-understand chapters. Created by award-winning news woman and documentarian Barbara Schroeder, who also produced the DVD, this book gives an insightful view of Dr. Pat Allen's unique answers to some of life's toughest questions:

    "Why does my life suck?"
    "Why don't I have a satisfying relationship?"

    "How can I tell if it's really love?"

Soft cover.

 Item #TABFDPA    $16.95    (Plus Shipping & Handling)

"Duty Dating"

Duty Dating DVD DVD. A feature-length romantic comedy about a woman doing all the right things to marry the wrong man. Based on the teachings of nationally acclaimed author and lecturer Dr. Pat Allen, this heartwarming film stars Lauren Sinclair ("Face Off") as a successful magazine stylist who botches every potential relationship without understanding why, until her BFF takes her to a famous love specialist who clues her in to the keys to a successful relationship. This heartwarming film dramatizes the do's and don'ts of dating for the modern woman in her quest to find true love.

 Item #DDAT    $21.95    (Plus Shipping & Handling)

"Meet Dr. Pat Allen" Collection

Meet Dr. Pat Allen Collection DVD DVD. Great for anyone who wants to see samples of Pat's style of teaching, "Meet Pat Allen, Ph.D., Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Psychotherapist, Communication and Relationship Expert" shows her in action in a variety of settings with clips from some of the TV programs that she's appeared on over the years, including the Oprah Winfrey show and CNN. Originally prepared for Speakers Bureaus and event and meeting planners, this is also a great way to introduce people to Dr. Pat Allen or to show to people who may be considering booking her for speaking engagements, workshops for their companies, groups or organizations. DVD also includes the 60-minute Keynote speech (audio only) "Being All You Can Be" delivered to the Annual WomanSage Conference.

 Item #MDPA    $20.00    (Plus Shipping & Handling)

Dr. Pat Allen and John Gray in the Award-Winning Documentary
"Six (and a Half) Secrets of Love"

Six and a Half Secrets DVD DVD. Dr. Pat Allen teams up with best-selling author John Gray (Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus) in a giant therapy session to explore the quintessential secrets of love...and it turns out there are exactly 6 (and a half)! Gray talks about how hormones affect relationships and Dr. Pat explains why hormones may make a man "pull back" from a woman he's becoming close to. In addition, this film (winner of the 2007 Best Documentary at the Hollywood DV Film Festival) by Emmy-winning journalist Barbara Schroeder offers a treasure trove of wisdom to help lovers navigate their journey, including interviews with one couple who have been together for 68 years, and another woman who didn't find love until age 81! (43 mins.)