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HSPs Are Taught How To Take a Joke by Jeff Ross of "The Burn"

Jeff Ross addresses our HSP MeetupMy ears are still singed from the "roasting" we all got at a recent HSP Meetup by none other than comedian Jeff Ross, who is famous for his caustic insults. He styles himself the Roast-Master General and he's fearlessly lambasted such celebrities as Hugh Hefner, Donald Trump and Shaquille O'Neil. It was quite an experience!

Here's a great big thank-you to all the regulars who came down and were such good sports.

Jeff, whose popular television series "The Burn" is now in its second season on Comedy Cenral, actually brought his whole crew down to SHARE in December to shoot him co-hosting our Meetup. He talked about his own high sensitivity dating back to the loss of his parents while he was growing up, and then went on to explain that the best way for an HSP to deal with a verbal jab is to "give it right back" as he learned to. In fact, he got so good at it it led to his current career.

So good, in fact, he's known as "a one-man verbal assault unit" among his peers, and he demonstrated his technique of speed-roasting, raking across the room with pungent jabs for almost everyone. I have to admit, though, he seemed to go kind of light on us all; we got mostly "friendly fire." Especially compared to his usual zingers, which are more along the lines of tossing Roseanne Barr an apple and telling her it was because, "Usually when I roast a pig it has an apple in its mouth," or confronting octagenarian William Shatner: "When did you go from Capt. Kirk to Capt. Crunch?"

Jeff roasts Archibald (but provides a "safety-bell"escape)In fact, knowing he was dealing with highly sensitive people, Jeff even put out a safety-bell to ring if the pain got too much. Which gave me an opportunity to explain to him that was a great idea, because if an HSP feels in control they can deal with things a lot better. To prove the point, that little bell pretty well went un-rung all evening!

Excerpts from the session were later run on his TV show, and Jeff even invited myself, Edward and Michael to sit in on the taping as special VIP guests, which gave him a chance to once again he deliver such one-liners as comparing them to "the two old guys on the Muppets." The show aired in January.  

I explained to Jeff later that it turns out that many comedians are HSP, as well as actors, singers and musicians. From Woody Allen and Steve Martin, to Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy, Jim Carrey, Ellen, Carson, Leno, Letterman... the list goes on and on, and he agreed from his own experience that's true. But unfortunately, a lot of folks still find it — how shall we put it? — inconvenient to accept the fact there are actually different temperaments among people. But lately, thanks to thoughtful people like Jeff and producers Lauren and Chris and all you wonderful people reading this website, this inherited trait of high sensitivity is becoming much more well-known and appreciated.

Jim and Jeff Ross on the set of "The Burn"If you haven't seen Jeff's series on Comedy Central yet, here's a link to a YouTube video of a nice 9-minute long interview he gave before heading out on his "Jeff Ross Roasts America" tour and a sample of his roasting style! 

If you check the Comedy Central website you may also still be able to watch a short video called "Episode Highlights from Season 2, Episode 2" where Jeff teaches us all "How to take a Joke." Our segment starts a minute and a half in and this little "Highlights" video also includes Jeff outrageously raw-roasting "The Women of The View" Whoopi, Joy and Elisabeth. You'll even hear Joy Behar tell Jeff: "You can't say this stuff on TV!"

We've been asked if there's a longer version of the HSP Meetup with Jeff Ross and his wit wisdom and zingers, and I'm happy to report we now have the audio of the whole event available... it was a very funny night!

And here's a link to a video with scenes from the episode, which features Jim, Edward, Michael and the Ladies from "The View" getting it from Roast-Master General Jeff Ross.