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Here are some products and services we think you'll find of interest and that may be beneficial to you.

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Bradley Quick Audio CD Link Jim was proud to be the in-studio guest on the popular national radio talk show "The Bradley Quick Experience." You can order a CD of the KRLA broadcast from our On-Line Gift Store. In the interview, you'll hear Jim discuss the trait of high sensitivity and answer phone-in questions from listeners, including well-known therapist, author, and relationship expert Dr. Pat Allen.

The James Keenley Show interview is also available from our On-Line Gift Store. This CD is of one of Jim's most recent radio show interviews, "The James Keenley Show" and with the commercials removed for easier listening. Included in the interview is a discussion of trait of high sensitivity, some "famous" people who exhibit the characteristics of the trait and a list of jobs and careers that may be good for Highly Sensitive People. Also, radio show host James Keenley shares some of his own words of wisdom to HSPs for having a happier and healthier life.

Personal Coaching for the Highly Sensitive Person!

Jim Hallowes, founder of HighlySensitivePeople.com, is happy to answer any personal questions you may have on a one-to-one basis about whether you are an HSP, and how to deal with the Trait of High Sensitivity in your life. He also has a few spaces available for his exclusive Cognitive Behavioral Coaching for the HSP sessions, offered in person for those living in the Los Angeles area, or by telephone.

This is not your typical "life coaching" that is offered by New Age experts (the ooey-wooey kind), but rather practical, evidence-backed, scientifically based therapies and psychological techniques that have been proven to help people develop sound interpersonal communication skills, improve self-esteem, and deal with much of the emotional turmoil that comes from day-to-day personal interactions in a sometimes very insensitive world.

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Ever Wish You Could Give Your Brain a "Tune-Up"?
But Maybe You Can...

As you know, I'm always on the lookout for tips, tactics and technologies that will especially benefit the highly sensitive person, and just recently I've run across something that you might want to check out because it's, well.... it's scientifically documented and just simply amazing.

Medical researchers have reported that fMRI brain scans show that HSPs actually process information on a far more intense level than non-HSPs. That's why sometimes you can get literally overwhelmed. It's like being bombarded with stimuli.

So, imagine a simple techno-tool that could help you think faster and even sharper than you've ever been able to before. A way to actually double your ability to learn, solve problems more easily, even unlock hidden talent.

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A very informative DVD called Highly Sensitive People — An introduction to the trait of high sensitivity is also available. This 65-minute presentation by Jim Hallowes, HSP-DVDvideotaped on the recent "The Art of Relationships" cruise to Alaska, includes an in-depth discussion of the trait, some of the common characteristics of HSPs, and an overview of a number of famous people who exhibit some of those characteristics, along with an HSP self-test and tips and strategies for improving one's life. Jim's special guest for this talk is psychotherapist, best-selling author, and HSP, Dr. Pat Allen. You can view a 7-minute excerpt, or you can purchase the DVD from our On-Line Gift Store.

I also recommend this DVD from Therapist Dr. Pat Allen. Good relationship advice from a Cognitive Behavior Therapist who also happens to be a Highly Sensitive Person...

The Answers from Dr. Pat Allen is still available through Amazon.com.
   (We are informed this edition is not available through the WANT Institute iStore at this time.)

The Answers From Dr. Pat Allen DVD

Get It Now
on DVD!

"THE ANSWERS" from Dr. Pat Allen DVD is the first-ever collection of her insights and philosophies from over 30 years of practicing couples counseling, her weekly jam-packed seminars, workshops, and various appearances on TV and radio. In this exciting DVD, produced by former FOX News anchor and five-time Emmy Award-winner Barbara Schroeder, you can watch Dr. Pat Allen (who's HSP) on stage, in private therapy sessions, and in an interactive section in which she answers the 20 most often-asked questions.

Learn how to:
• Reverse negative feelings immediately
• Realize what the 5 "Curses" are in life, and the antidotes.
• Get the quintessential primer on how to Duty Date®
• Discover Dr. Pat Allen's coveted negotiation tools
• Use Dr. Pat Allen's foolproof formula on how to know
   if you really love someone

Prepare yourself for better love and a better life!

Chopped Liver for the Loving Spirit Image - Click for more information Now available,  Chopped Liver for the Loving Spirit by Jim Hallowes...and Friends, including the chapter "Loving Highly Sensitive People" about the trait of high sensitivity.  Chopped Liver for the Loving Spirit is a collection of stories including chapters by actor Dick Van Patten, Comedian Fred Travalena, and Heisman Trophy winner Les Horvath, and many others. Paperback, 272 pages. Published by Best-Seller Books. Purchase the book from our On-Line Gift Store.

In our Gift Store we have a variety of gift items and products, all with the highly sensitive person in mind. They're great to give to yourself or to others who share the trait of high sensitivity.

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For your convenience, we now accept Visa and MasterCard. You'll find we offer products to help highly sensitive people better cope with their trait in this often overwhelming world. And now, because you've learned about the trait of high sensitivity, you know how important it is to take good care of yourself!

Note: You can now also purchase Coaching Time, or Gift Certificates for others, from our On-Line Gift Store.

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We hope you've found the information here helpful and that we can continue to be of assistance to you as you successfully navigate the unique situations and challenges that arise for highly sensitive people and the people in their lives. Please consider making even a small donation to the HSP Help Fund because we need your help to get this information out to as many people as possible. Thank you!

Jim Hallowes is available for consultations, coaching, print or broadcast interviews, speaking engagements, seminars and workshops on the trait of high sensitivity for both HSPs and Non-HSPs. Please call us for schedules and availabilities. (310) 390-4767.

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