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Jim Hallowes
Cognitive Behavioral Coaching for Highly Sensitive People

Personal Coaching for the Highly Sensitive Person

Over the years since I founded HighlySensitivePeople.com, many HSPs have often asked if I'm available to do one-on-one coaching with them. I'm happy to say yes. In fact, as a Certified WANT Institute Coach, I am now offering exclusive Cognitive Behavioral Coaching for the HSP, in which I combine insights into the Trait of High Sensitivity with Dr. Pat Allen's wonderful system of Androgynous Semantic Realignment which helps people get in touch with both the masculine and feminine sides of their personality.

Many HSPs find it more comfortable to do coaching sessions by telephone, but you're also welcome to make an appointment to come to my home in West Los Angeles if you live in Southern California. I am also happy to answer any personal questions you may have on a one-to-one basis about whether you are an HSP, and how to deal with the Trait of High Sensitivity in your life.

I was privileged to have had a 12-year professional association with Dr. Pat Allen and additionally served for four years as the Executive Director of the Jim's TA Certificationtax-exempt WANT® Institute ("Educators of Effective Communications Strategies") that she founded in 1976. Pat has officially and personally recognized me as a Certified WANT® Institute Educator specializing in her advanced cognitive behavioral technique of Androgynous Semantic Realignment (ASR),™ certifying me as an authorized ASR educator, her trademarked system of language and communication, so I'm able to discuss Dr. Pat Allen's work. She has even stated publicly she would recommend me to her own family members. As an HSP Coach, ASR Educator and Transactional Analysis Practitioner, I am fully qualified to guide you to:

  • Ask for what you truly want, and how to say "no" to what you don't want in your life
  • Effectively handle relationships, both with other HSPs and non-HSPs, including family, co-workers, and romantic relationships
  • Make decisions rationally rather than emotionally
  • Improve your communication skills and negotiate with love, rather than intimidate with fear or seduce with guilt

Jim's ASR CertificationLet me point out that this is not your typical ooey-wooey "life coaching" that is offered by New Age experts, but rather practical, evidence-backed, scientifically based therapies and psychological techniques that have been proven to help people develop sound interpersonal communication skills, improve self-esteem, and deal with much of the emotional turmoil that comes from day-to-day personal interactions in a sometimes very insensitive world.

Jim and Pat

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This powerful approach is based on Transactional Analysis (TA), the established neuropsychological approach that permanently improves one's communication skills, and applies Dr. Pat Allen's trademarked technique of ASR, a profoundly effective way of integrating basic TA principles while taking into account the male/female (yin and yang) energies that co-exist in all of us. It has helped thousands of HSPs to understand their unique gift. In this video testimonial, Dr. Pat Allen herself enthusiastically endorses my extention of her theories to HSPs, which in her own work she categorizes as "alphas" personalities.

To discover how you will benefit from Jim Hallowes' Coaching for Highly Sensitive People you can call me anytime 310-390-4767, or enter your email information at the top of this page to opt-in to my free email newsletter. You'll learn a great deal about yourself and you will discover the many ways that this method of adjusting your use of language to re-balance the energies in your mind and body, and effect dynamic changes in your lifestyle.

If you have any specific questions or want personal advice on any situation in your life, just send an email to Jim@HighlySensitivePeople.com and I'll do my best to give you a straight answer, and I'll also include my new brochure that describes this unique approach to coaching for HSPs, all of my services and lists my very affordable session rates, and will show you how ASR coaching along with Pat's Amigo Talk rules for maintaining a harmonious and loving relationship with a romantic partner will benefit you, as it has so many others.
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Disclaimer: Jim Hallowes is not a medical doctor or a clinical psychologist. As a Certified WANT® Institute ASR Cognitive Behavioral Coach, he works with people who are coping with life but who want to thrive and succeed even more. Any forms of assistance offered by Jim are self-developmental in nature, and do not replace medical or clinical psychological treatment. People who have a medical problem should contact their licensed medical doctor or other suitable qualified professional. Highly Sensitive People is the registered trademark of James M. Hallowes. Please note that Dr. Pat Allen's legal counsel has sent me a letter which directs me to state here that: "The WANT® Institute is not affiliated with this website/newsletter and does not sponsor or endorse the content of this website/newsletter or the services of Jim Hallowes." and "ASR (Androgenous Semantic Realignment) is a trademark of the WANT® Institute." Amigo Talk is also a trademark of the WANT Institute.

The WANT Institute is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Educational Organization. Jim Hallowes served for four years as Executive Director of the WANT Institute, and currently has no direct affiliation with the organization, or Dr. Pat Allen's therapeutic practice. Jim Hallowes offers his services as an independent Certified ASR Educator of Effective Communication Strategies and Certified TA Practitioner.